New Year, New Home: Setting Realistic Goals

Did purchasing a home make it onto your list of New Year's resolutions? Wondering how to kick-start the process? Here's the secret sauce: super-realistic goals!  The path to Central Florida living Begins with a good realtor and savings plan. Here's how to get things started. 

1. Craft a Region-Friendly Budget

city view of central florida

Begin by crafting a budget that aligns with the unique aspects of living in Central Florida. Take into account factors such as insurance rates, potential homeowner association fees, groceries, club memberships, and more. Tailoring your budget to the local cost of living sets you up with realistic expectations. If you find yourself uncertain about the average costs in Central Florida communities, reach out to a local expert, such as a Palmano Group Agent. They are neighborhood experts, with in-depth local knowledge that can provide you with transparent  pricing information for each community in Central Florida. Ask about their free community tours, which allow you to see the area and all of it's ammenities through a local's perspective.

2. Empower Your Home Search: Know Your Qualification

Before diving into the exciting journey of searching for your next home, it's best5 to assess what house budget you can qualify for. Taking the time to check your eligibility for a mortgage will provide you with a clear understanding of your budget and save you from potential disappointment down the road. Lenders such as Rob Neill with Bell Bank Mortgage will help you know your financial boundaries upfront. This will help you to focus on properties that align with your budget and preferences. 

3. Partner Up with a Local Real Estate Expert

real estate agents at the office of palmano group real estate brokerage in winter park florida, their dog bruno, who is a golden retriever is sitting on the steps wiuth them

Access the firsthand expertise of local Realtors who's daily life is ingrained in the neighborhoods you're searching in. Raising their children, working, shopping, and dining in the area, these agents not only specialize in the local real estate market but also proudly call it home. Their insider knowledge is the key to a smooth transition to Central Florida. Whether you seek a specific school district in Orlando or aspire to Lakeside Living in Winter Park, they are your guides to finding the perfect fit to your lifestyle. 

4. Build Your Home's Emergency Fund

hurricane forming over a central florida lake

In a place where the weather dances to a tropical beat, think of your emergency fund as the much-needed umbrella that keeps unexpected expenses from raining on your homeownership parade. Strengthen your safety net so you can face each hurricane season with peace of mind and concentrate on what really matters, like planning the ultimate hurricane party! This fund not only proves valuable for storm repairs but also acts as a lifesaver when unexpected home issues demand immediate attention.

5. Boost That Credit Score!

credit cards tucked into a wallet

Life becomes significantly more hassle-free with an improved credit score, especially when buying a home. Kick things off by monitoring your credit report closely – iron out any issues, stay ahead of your bills, and pave the way for a smoother financial journey and a lower mortgage rate! This may take time but the payoff is worth it. 

So remember, set super-realistic budget goals, team up with a local realtor, and nail down that preapproval!

Cheers to a year of successful home buying in the heart of Florida!

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