Maitland Museums

  • Maitland Art Center - Offers a more immersive and intimate experience than a static museum, and encourages visitors to take a closer look at the artists and the artistic procces. 
  • Water House Residence Museum - Built in 1884, the museum reflects the life of a middle class Victorian family during the early days of the City of Maitland. The home was originally built by Maitland resident and carpenter William Waterhouse in 1884, as a home for his family. 
  • The Telephone Museum - Takes visitors on a tour of communications technology and the history of the telephone. Try your hand at the working switching station and then take a look at how communications change throughout time.  

  • The Holocaust Memorial Resource & Education Center -  One of the oldest Holocaust Centers in the nation, this facility has a large permanent exhibit area, rotating exhibits of world-class Holocaust-related visual art, and regular community programming.